Cheap but neat: LG G3 Stylus vs Samsung Grand Prime

Ever since cell phones entered the era of Android, it has been a struggle to find a decent camera phone. Back in the day, you could just go for one of those Sony Ericsson Cyber-shots and most certainly get a feature-packed point-and-shoot. Nowadays, though, picking a fine gadget is quite a challenge, since such categories as ‘camera phone’ or ‘music phone’ have died out.

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Camera API – Another great Android app to unleash your filmmaking spirit

Earlier this year I wrote a post covering two amazing apps for Android filmmaking, namely LGCamera and Cinema FV-5. Today, I am pleased to inform you that we have a new competitor – Camera API.

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Filmmaking apps for Android

Hey there!
Have you ever used your Android phone to shoot videos? Yeah? Well, so have I. I’ve got this LG L9 phone and it’s doing a pretty good job at recording footage, but one thing that’s been bugging me for a while is continuous auto-focus and auto-exposure. These are two awful things, apart from Auto White Balance, that I can’t stand seeing in my footage. So, I’ve decided to check out a bunch of camcorder apps out there on Google Play and here’s what I’ve picked.

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Nikon D5200 – Extended Review focused on Movie Mode

Nikon D5200, released a good deal of 2 months ago, hasn’t yet been reviewed properly in terms of Movie Mode features which set it apart from other new VDSLRs (like Canon 650D/700D), as well as make it look a lot more advanced compared to its predecessors.

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Обзор Nikon J1

Недавно я продал купленную год назад мыльницу Canon SX220 (12 Мп) и на замену ей приобрёл беззеркалку Nikon J1 (10 Мп) в комплекте с объективом 10mm/2.8. Это обошлось мне в 250$ — ровно столько же на момент покупки стоил вышеупомянутый Canon. Было ли оправдано такое капиталовложение?

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